Reading Center

I remember my daughters’ pre-schools calling each activity a ‘center’ which strikes me as silly and just as pointless as the Centers of Excellence which now allegedly inhabit my workplace. Why do we insist on labeling simple activities with complicated titles? This brings me to my point; reading-as-social-activity sites like Goodreads and Library Thing are simply too complex for me to use effectively.

Note I said for me. These are wonderful sites for sharing you favorite books with your friends or for getting good tips on what to read next but I never seem to be able to prioritize time to organize my reading that way. My Goodreads shelves have not been touched in months. My reading habits are very random. I may have three or more books going at once but will likely be actively engaged in one or two while the others sit for a week or month or two. I cannot really represent that type of status on those sites. I can however share what I am reading this week and will probably read next week.

Actively reading:

  • Fool’s Errand, Robin Hobb
  • The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan
  • Under Heaven, Guy Gavriel Kay

And bunches of short stories. Recommended reads will follow.