Farksolia: The Mystery of an Author Denied

Barbara Follett was a child prodigy when it came to writing and world building. Her life, documented by her nephew, seemed to conspire against her and ultimately left much of the promise of her young brilliance denied to her. This despite the obvious energy and determination she exhibited. Then she disappeared.

This gem of a mystery has led me to explore what happened after she disappeared. Many might focus on the events leading to the disappearance as a means to explain it. I prefer to think of the disappearance as the starting point. What happened in the life that might drive what happens now? Is the character in danger, or at peace in a new life? Can something from the old life ruin the new life or put it in jeapordy? Is the new life recognizable or has, in this case, the author fallen into her own creation only to find she doesn’t really understand it?

I think I have notes for two stories that were the result of reading about Barbara Follett.

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