What Am I Doing Here?

I don’t know.

I have also decided it is not actually important to have a direction to this blog. Notice I said, “this blog” and not “blogs” because this is the blog where I have decided to spend more time putting down in words my thoughts about books. Books I’m reading and books (& stories) I’m writing. That’s it. There’s no more direction than that. As time goes on and I have other things to offer, such as published stories to publicize or books to hawk, there will be other purposes for this blog. Until then it will just be me thinking out loud.

Why think out loud on a public blog? Well, there are a few reasons: one, I need to write my thought before I forget them and two, I have found others at a similar stage in their career who, like me, gain a little encouragement seeing others working through the same issues.

I don’t have the answers, no one really does, just questions and ruminations, and ideas I think will work for me.