Prepping for NaNo

It’s only June but I was recently thinking about wether or not I would participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I decided I would, but I won’t be writing a novel. I have participated for several years now and had no difficulty in producing a 50,000 word draft for a novel, so it feels like there is no challenge. It still remains a great way to get a draft down but this year I decided I will try to write 50,000 words worth of short stories.

I know May is National Short Story Month but that celebration feels like one mostly for reading, plus I was focused on completing a novella that was due. It seems like a good use of the community and environment that NaNoWriMo creates to help me get more short stories written. So I’m going to call November, NaStoWriMo (sorry if that isn’t original) and over the next few months I’ll be collecting ideas for six or seven short stories. Then, for thirty days I’ll be writing them out fast and furious.

Anyone else interested in #NaStoWriMo?

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