NaStoWriMo Prep

Here’s an update on my progress through #NaNoWriMo 2018 as a month of short story writing.

It’s late October and I’ve generated enough story ideas for my #NaStoWriMo. So far I have eight really strong ideas and another seven that can probably be worked into strong ideas. During the remainder of the month I will work these ideas into story sketches with plots, characters, and scenes.

I’m developing something of a story forge. The forge is the binding, bending, and rending of ideas, characters, and plots into complete stories. If this story forge works I’ll share it but for now it is a work in progress itself. Still, when November 1st arrives I should be able to start writing the flesh of these stories that were once just bare ideas.

Who’s joining me for 50,000 words of short stories during November? #NaStoWriMo

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