My Best Online Short Reads of 2018

Not to be left out of the end of year roundup posts, here is a collection of what I found to be the best short reads online. Some of these markets don’t have the biggest circulation or receive the most attention but I always find great stories tucked into these small corners of the Internet.

In no particular order:

Origin Story, by T. Kingfisher
To This You Cling, With jagged Fingernails, by Beth Cato
Seasons of Glass, by Amal El-Mohtar
River Doll, by Tariro Ndoro
Bones in the Rock, by R. K. Kalaw
Milkteeth, by Kristi Demeester
The House of Illusionists by Vanessa Fogg
The Pull of the Herd by Suzan Palumbo
By the Hand that Casts it by Stephanie Charette
Versions of the Sun by A.J. Hammer