Work in Progress 4/6/19

Too many ideas today. I couldn’t write/type them down fast enough. I’ve been working on a longer poem for a few days but still haven’t found its heart. I’m getting closer the more I work on it. If I drift from it by writing more, then it’s time to reexamine.

The plot and character arcs for TCoFR novella series progressed but I may have too many things going on for novellas. Need to look at trimming and using some of those ideas in another longer work. I managed to dive into the main character’s background and other details. I am pleased with the results. She’s an interesting character I can live with for three books. She’s also not what you’d expect and I think she’s got more surprises in store for me.

I need city and town names. Not a simple task. They need to fit linguistically, and historically, and be pronounceable. They should also evoke an image of the place.

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