Work in Progress: July 22, 2019

Over the last week, I revised and edited several stories. One, Paltry Sums, is finally ready to submit. I’m finally happy with the voice and tone.

The anthology of six connected stories is moving along better than I thought. I set it aside for a couple of weeks after finishing the first real draft, and upon reading it, I really like the project.

My fairytale-ish dragon story has found the right tone, but I’m still not happy with the Main Character’s voice. Something is missing.

Last weekend I did some poetry editing, but spent most of my time detailing characters and plotting out the novella anthology. I’m happy with the way the trilogy shaping up. There will be a challenge getting multiple POVs and storylines into a novella form, but it’s a series, and it’s epic fantasy, so I think it will work.