Work In Progress: July 29

Revisions to the anthology are progressing nicely. First story will be off to my first reader shortly. It’s time to find an editor and get it onto their schedule. I always hesitate at this point because it means committing to a deadline and I still have revisions to finish, and evaluating and editing in responses from beta readers. I have to receive those responses first. It all gets tricky.

Paltry Sums is finally out on submission. Another story is off to a first reader. Work continues on my fairytale-ish dragon story. Still searching for the voice of that story.

The major plot points of book one of my novella trilogy have been identified and laid out. There is still more character work but at least I know the major things that happen to them. This weekend I completed laying out the order of events but there is still more plotting to do.

I found a few of articles and essays discussing how to educate yourself on writing poetry. I’m putting together a self-paced Poetry MFA curriculum for myself and I’ll be starting the coursework about the same time my kids go back to college. Good luck to me.

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