Work in Progress: August 13, 2019

The first round of revisions on the anthology is complete. I need to let it rest, do an edit pass, and get it off to the editor this week. Deadlines are good.

I have a story sitting at a magazine that appears to be defunct though there is no official word. Emails are unanswered and the website is dead. Time to pull that story back and send it off to another place.

My personal mini-Poetry MFA starts soon and I hope I can make time for it. Self-directed projects often get left behind, especially if there’s paying work available. I also need to dedicate more time to growing the business. It has to be self-sustaining in another six months, and account for most of my income in less than twelve. No pressure.

I received a personal rejection from Beneath Ceaseless Skies with positive comments and suggestions on making the story better. These are the best rejections and they almost feel as good as an acceptance. Almost.

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