Work in Progress: September 17, 2019

One story back; rejected. I’ll give it a quick review, then send it to the next market. I’ve plotted and listed all the scenes for the first book in the novella trilogy. As I feared, the poetry self-paced mini-MFA is off to a slow start. Paying work always takes precedence.

I’ve gone through my editorial report for my book of related stories and the big news is that it’s a novel. The feedback was good, in fact, so good we both think this will work as a nice little novel. That changes my publishing schedule but should make it a stronger book.

I’ve also started to freelance copyedit specializing in fantasy and speculative fiction. I’m doing a giveaway for three free copyedits up to ten pages each. This is perfect for a short story. The details are here: Epos Books.

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