Work in Progress: October 7, 2019

The novel finally has its form. Now I just have to put in all the details (scenes) that tie everything together and hopefully build toward an emotional ending. I’m happy with the way it feels. Executing on my vision so a reader will feel the same is the work.

I managed to get some poems edited and I’ll be publishing some on Ko-fi shortly. I will publish my new poems to Ko-fi and a new poetry newsletter first. After that I’ll put them here on the blog, Ello, and on Instagram. The poetry newsletter should be ready this week. Subscribers will get the aforementioned new poems and other perks I’ll detail in the announcement.

Speaking of newsletters, if you would like to be one of my advance readers for my fiction I have some open slots. Sign-up for that newsletter here.

A final note. I have re-engaged on Facebook though less frequently than here or on Twitter, but my Author Page is live.

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