Work in Progress: November 10, 2019

I don’t mind sharing my thoughts, my work progress, poems, and a few tidbits from my life, but I usually shy away from some of the sausage-making of it. But this update I feel the need to share a little more. I suffer from a random chronic pain condition that hits me three or four times a year. It’s the result of medication and there’s as yet no alternative. I’ll spare those details, and I’ll admit that I’m lucky the pain usually only lasts three or four days. Many suffer with chronic pain every day of every year. My grandmother did.

This time it lasted ten days. During the worst days I cannot sit, stand, lie down, or walk without a severe limp. I cannot concentrate on anything complex or creative. I can’t read because the pain is so intense. So I bounce from sitting, napping lightly, walking around for a few minutes, and standing still. It’s not very productive.

But the episode is over. Everything feels good again.

All that is to say that I’ve fallen behind on everything. I just managed to catch up a little on the edit passes for the novel and I’ve kept pace with NaNoWriMo. I feel pretty good about both.

This week I’ve got to go deep into the novel’s prose, especially the middle two-thirds which is the newest, and make a final continuity check before sending it to my Critique Partner.

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