Work in Progress: December 10, 2019

While At the End of the World is off with others, I’ve started writing the next novel. It was my NaNo project this year, and It has turned into something very different from what I planned. In some ways it’s more of a traditional fantasy than At the End of the World, but then, it’s also not very traditional. That seems to be my thing.

I’ve also worked on poetry. Some of it will be in a chapbook that ties in with At the End of the World. More on that soon.

And finally, I have revised some short stories and will get them off to markets soon. One this week at least.

Oh, and a cover designer is working on At the End of the World. I’m excited and nervous to see the cover. It’s a process that produces more anxiety than waiting for editorial feedback. I can fix what an editor says is wrong. I can’t do that with cover design.

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