Work in Progress January 11, 2020

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My week included sending one story off to market, another out for a beta read, a few poems into critiques with good feedback, and I finally figured out what my next novel will be.

I’ve been working on a novel idea for a few months but it just didn’t feel right. First, it wasn’t a strong story. I made it better, but I just wasn’t into it and if I wasn’t, who would be?

I spent a few days thinking about my author career; what I wanted it to look like, and what it will look like when the debut novel comes out. I did a little self-analysis and realized the book I had been working on wasn’t right for the second book. It may be part of another, or a fine book of its own that will work later, just not now.

So what to follow up the debut with? While I was looking at short story ideas, one presented itself to me as a full novel. After investigating the idea for a few hours I knew it had to be the second book. It had everything: characters, conflict, milieu and the potential to be a duology. Most importantly, it had me hooked.

I pitched it to a few people who were just as hooked. I love this story and I’m already falling for the characters. The plot summary is moving quickly, which is another sign it’s the right book.

I don’t really make resolutions, or do big annual reviews and plans. I take stock of everything every six weeks or so, and the most recent just coincides with the new year. One thing I want to do here is get back to pointing out great short stories and books that I love. I also want to get a story or two polished up and launch an official Reader’s Group. Plenty to do in 2020.

Don’t forget, my latest poetry is here.

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