Work in Progress: March 25, 2020

With the pandemic spreading and our lives changing in hopefully mostly temporary ways, I’ve also been rethinking my plans. Most of my income comes from my writing, with a small portion coming from my business at Epos. I also have a side hustle in the tech industry to spend on convention and conferences. The pandemic is changing the economic landscape for all of us, and we must adjust.

Just a month ago I mentioned I was writing under a pen name, but two things have dissuaded me. First, the gap between audiences for the two subgenres I write in does not appear to be as large as I initially thought. Second, what I wrote under the pen name is less subgenre than I expected it to be. In other words, there’s not enough difference to make a pen name necessary or worth the time. Once again, everything I’m writing is under my name.

To that end, here’s the latest.

I’ve been posting select poems from my upcoming collection on AllPoetry if you’re interested in an advance look.

Free Verse Revolution is publishing one of my poems on Thursday 3/26/2020. I’ll share that link once it’s up.

Final (I hope) editorial revisions for my speculative fantasy novel, At the End of the World, are underway. Then it will be off to the copyeditor.

Editorial review of my related small poetry collection, Poems at the End of the World, is also underway.

I’ve developed a sketch for a followup novel to At the End of the World. It won’t be the next book published (see below) but has a similar feel.

I’ve made progress on the draft of the first book of a fantasy duology under the working title of The Kansari Age.

Short story submissions continue. I hope to get three more circulating this week.

Finally, I’m building a Patreon because writing is my income and I have stories that aren’t finding markets. I’ve mentioned before how small the marketplace is. Good stories can’t always find a home. Patreon is a way to solve that problem. I’ll launch the Patreon with a story free. Everyone needs a diversion from the pandemic. I’ll share that link as soon as it’s ready.

Stay busy.

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