Work in Progress: May 20, 2020

Fantasy Balloons

One short story revised this week so far, and many poems revised and a few created. I sent eight to market.

I spent much of the past week trying to get a better grip on my next novel, and really all my future novels. I constructed many ideas around tropes specific to certain genres that I don’t want to write. There’s nothing wrong with those genres or their tropes, they just aren’t what I want to do anymore. I think I have it sorted now.

It’s important for writers to take stock now and again to evaluate the elements of their fiction to judge what’s working and not working, not just from a marketing sense, but also for the joy the work brings. Otherwise, why do it?

Not unexpectedly, the name and plot of the next novel (series) will change and even though I’ve written almost 30,000 words of it, I’m excited to pursue this new direction.

I’m behind on my short story reading. To be honest, I haven’t found many stories published recently that I enjoyed. I’m feeling my taste and that of publication editors are diverging a lot recently.

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