Have You Restacked Your TBR Lately?

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Re-prioritizing my reading and trying an alternative to Goodreads.

With my projects shifting and morphing, much of my reading needs to reflect those changes. My next novel, the first in a series of alternate and fantasy historicals needs a lot of research, so there’s those books added to the pile. Then there are the books in a subgenre I no longer intend to write in. Most of those are just going away. A few that are really interesting will stay. And then there are the books that I’ve put off for reasons I can’t recall. So many need to rise in the pile.

One thing I noticed is how I have to actively work to keep my TBR diverse. If I just bought or borrowed from the library the books that are marketed to me by the Big 5 publishers and Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, it would be very white, very male, and very straight. I don’t want that. I want the full range of human experience presented in what I read. It’s one reason I read fantasy and speculative fiction. Understanding the human condition under any condition keeps me reading.

And speaking of big company marketing and recommendations, I learned of an alternative to Goodreads called the StoryGraph. This explains a lot of what they are about:

Thanks to Twitter user @melonabook:

Perhaps the best reason to try it, is that StoryGraph is run by Nadia Odunayo and Rob Frelow, and not owned by Amazon. I’ve tried other sites and always went back to GR, but this one is a real alternative.

When was the last time you rearranged your TBR?

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