Work in Progress: June 29, 2020

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I sent my short poetry collection An Important Sky off to the publisher last week, and it’s available now in ebook. The paperback will follow soon. The official release date is tomorrow (standard book release Tuesday). Now that this collection is finished, I’m working on two full-length collections.

I expect a cover reveal for my novel At the End of the World any day now. The text is with the Proofreader and pre-order info should also arrive any day.

I’m still waiting on word from a SFF Poetry journal on which issue my poem will be in so I can start sharing it. There is another batch of poems on submission and this week I hope to get another out.

I realized this morning that I have several short stories in various states of readiness or near-readiness. I need to go through them and figure out which ones to send where. Then I need to finish the rest.

Both poetry and short stories have taken a back seat in the last two weeks to research for my new novel and series. Alternate History / Historical Fantasy takes a fair amount of research. I read two books yesterday and think I can at least plot the first book and do a plot sketch for the second. I’m also reserving a couple of days a week for work on longer, more complex novels.

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