February Short SFF Reading

I’ve picked up my reading pace and one of the ways I did so was to start reading short SFF again. For me, 2021 has not started off strong for short SFF stories. Many of the recent stories are so bleak I just can’t read them. But these are some recent stories I enjoyed quite a bit:

  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies is a reliable source for good SFF. They publish new writers often and specialize in slightly longer stories. Her Black Coal Heart a Diamond in My Hand by R.K. Duncan was a good, if bleak and gruesome story.
  • Sofia Samatar is one of my favorites and she did it again with the dark, sad, but slightly whimsical The Moon Fairy
  • Kerstin Hall wrote one of my favorite novels in recent years, The Border Keeper. Her story, A Machine Unhaunted is quite good.

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  1. Thank you for the recommendations! I really need to restart my habit of reading one short story a day. I feel like it helps so much in firing up the creative engines and cementing the short story structure in the mind. Plus, it’s fun! ^_^

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