Short Reading Ephemera: May 2022

Another month where I get this in at the last minute. One of these days, I’ll be more organized. There were lots of new stories this to read month and the pair below were particularly good. But somehow I ended up with more poetry. I guess that’s where I focused in May.

I also added to my list of story reading through suggestions from last week’s Nebula Conference. Then, this week I started reading Vandana Singh’s Ambiguity Engines collection.


The Mountains of Another World Where Eagles May Fly Free, by Aimee Ogden

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

“Weary men dream cruel dreams.”

A personal story of one man’s family and what he does to preserve those he loves against the unbearable oppression they are brave enough to stand against. The slow revelation of a complex society at war with itself is a terrific example of how to do worldbuilding in a short story.

The Year of the Bright Lands, by Felix Taylor

At Metaphorosis Magazine.

A story with the feeling of myth. I sank into and disappeared into this one for a while.


After Inventing Time Travel, by Mary Soon Lee

At Aparition Lit.

Mary is on my list every month, it seems, but her poetry is so good. Time after time you will stand,/hands outstretched, face lifted,/alone in an alien rain.

The Broken Hill and the Breath, by RB Lemberg

At Strange Horizons

I’m a sucker for poems and stories with ‘seafoam’ or ‘quince trees’ and this poem has both. Strong imagery.

Methuselah Performs a Magic Trick, by Aliza Taguilaso

At Fantasy Magazine:

When staring into a telescope is magic. Golden cities destined/for calamity. Their names used each time to justify/the air strikes, the rain

Tall Tales, by F. J. Bergmann:

At Havenspec Magazine

Stories and books share a bond with trees greater than just paper.

The Magpie’s Consort, by Avra Margaritte

At Abyss and Apex Magazine

This poem is full of sharp imagery and ideas. You should read it several times. You should read all poems multiple times, but you can start with this one.

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