Arcane Depository: Novel Update #3

I finished the first revision of A Dangerous Magic!

Finally. There’s still much to be done. It’s 20k-30k too long. I’ll smooth over a couple of sections before I send it to my editor, but I won’t do any more serious revising until I have feedback.

Over the weekend, I’ll read through the draft and make my own notes for the next revision. I find putting it into an ebook and reading like a reader helps me see things I can’t see when I’m typing.

Still, it feels good to have a complete story in place. All the pieces of the plot are there, all the worldbuilding (minus a few dress details). The ending leads naturally to the second book in the series without a major cliff-hanger.

Speaking of which, I have the idea for the central mystery and story problem of book two, but it’s time to detail it better. By the time A Dangerous Magic goes to copyediting sometime this fall, I need to be working on the manuscript for book two.

The prequel novelette, Chalice of Oblivion, is near the end of the editorial process and will go out to ARC readers soon (June hopefully). If you’re interested in being an early reader, you can sign up here.

Thanks. Until next time,