Soft Vulnerable Things

A New Poetry Newsletter

We are made of soft vulnerable things
What is tender is precious
We are flexible
We bend and we bow,
shrink and expand

Excerpt from Soft Vulnerable Things
(C) 2022 Kevin J. Fellows

So, I finally did it. I created a weekly newsletter dedicated to poems. I’ve been thinking about a better way to serve those who enjoy my poetry. While I share poems in my regular newsletter, occasionally on Instagram, sometimes on Medium, and here, I haven’t delivered a focused poetry experience since my book, An Important Sky.

To remedy that, I’m launching Soft Vulnerable things. A weekly email containing three original poems for free. Subscribers will also receive my collection, March of the Pines, which is a selection of the poems I’ve shared over the last few years.

If you’d like to receive Soft Vulnerable Things each week, and March of the Pines, sign up here.

Thank you.

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He/Him Novelist and poet.

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