Arcane Depository Novel Update #4

Developmental Edits

I recently received editorial feedback on A Dangerous Magic’s manuscript. I always hesitate a few days to read the comments. Developmental editing is part of the process and exists to make a book better, so I don’t know why I am so timid. This time, I feared the book was a bigger mess at this stage than my first.

However, this is apparently not the case. The feedback was all quite positive. There are issues to fix. Some larger than others. There’s an action sequence that needs a lot of work. But overall, everything is fixable and there’s not so much to be done it would delay the book.

So this week I began planning the revisions and figuring out exactly what needs to change. I also figured out the plot for a side story that involves two of the main characters. I’ll make that side story available before the book is published. Since the two characters meet at the start of the novel, writing a prequel story didn’t work. What I decided was to create a story that happens on an evening during the story in the novel. This will offer just a glimpse of the world, the magic, and these two characters.

Next week I’ll dive into making the revisions to the novel.