Unbound Worlds

I didn’t know At the End of the World is part of a duology

At the End of the World

When I wrote my debut novel, I didn’t know it could have a sequel. Heck, when I wrote the six stories it’s based on, I didn’t even know it was a novel.

But readers asked for more. More Stina, João, Nico, Croydon and all the other characters. Everyone seems to have a favorite and wants to know what happens next.

The only problem is that I did not know what happened after the last line of the book. Well, that’s not entirely true. I knew where João and Anne ended up. Where the Mayor was. I had accounted for everyone. But I still didn’t think about writing a sequel.

Then, readers from Europe and Australia asked for more. Book club readers I met wanted more. It seemed nearly every person I met who;d read the book, wanted to know more about the world, the magic, and the characters.

So, I spent a day really thinking about how a sequel might work. Surprisingly, the ideas came easily and quickly. The concept of a duology came together and thus Unbound Worlds was born.

Now all I have to do is write it…

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