Summer 2020

Star*Line Cover Summer 2020

My poem I Carried Magic is in the Summer 2020 issue of Star*Line. You can get a copy here.

An Important Sky, my small collection of poetry is available from Modern Folklore Press and retailers.

Fantasy and speculative fiction author Kevin J. Fellows finds both the strange and magical in our everyday lives. From the cold bones of winter to the open skies of our future summers.

In this collection, he journeys through the familiar of our everyday experiences and explores how we fill the empty expanses of our futures, and how we twist through the maps of our past. Ultimately, mapping the magic of memory through the places and people who fill our lives.

Stitches, my collection of thirteen realist and speculative poems, is available Free!

My Novels:

At the End of the World is in final edits. Modern Folklore Press has scheduled the release for July 2020.


Several short stories are circulating with editors at the moment.
Look for a free short story here on the blog, just because.


I’m preparing a poetry chapbook, Poems at the End of the World: poems inspired during the writing of the novel At the End of the World.

I’m also working on a longer collection of speculative poetry tentatively titled, A Song of Endings.

You can find my latest poems on Instagram, and I’ll post the best of the month here.