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New story: These Years of Black and White. If you awoke in a colorless past and lived through each day as though real, but woke daily to a deeper past, what would you do? Would you explore? Assume it was a dream or nightmare? And in the end, wouldn’t you wish to dream in color?

Recent Posts

I am the author of the novel At the End of the World, the first in the Unbound Worlds duology. My fiction contains characters facing uncanny situations, often with subtle magic. What some might term fabulist. The Enduring Mage and Other Stories is a short collection of stories and poems.

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What I’m Working on…

I’m writing a new series, The Arcane Depository. Set at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, the series follows a team gathering and hiding away mythological items that may contain dangerous power. You can read my updates here as I finish the first book: A Dangerous Magic.

The readers demanded I write a sequel to At the End of the World. What I thought was a standalone novel is now part of the Unbound Worlds duology. I’m planning the sequel, A Walk Between Worlds now. You can follow my updates here.