About Kevin J. Fellows

I write poetry and fantasy fiction. My debut novel, At the End of the World, will be published in 2020. You can find my poetry in the Star*Line Summer 2020 issue, and at Free Verse Revolution.

My fiction is about ordinary people and places that might have been or could be. The stories always contain magic, but never in a complicated system. What some people call ‘Low Fantasy’ but I loathe the term. There’s nothing low about it. There’s plenty of deep magic. I write stories about people struggling through strange and impossible situations; about how they use each other and the magic of their world to find their way. My novel The Silver Arrow, and the Ramrath Trilogy were published in a fantasy secondary world.

I live in the desert southwest, but was born in the wilds of New Hampshire and have lived in New York and Boston. I once wrote songs and played bass in a band that produced a small college-radio single.

email: kjf @ kevinjfellows . com
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