About Kevin J. Fellows

I’m a writer and poet of fantasy and speculative fiction. My debut novel, At the End of the World, will be published in early 2020. I live in the desert southwest, but was born in the wilds of New Hampshire. I once wrote songs and played bass in a band that produced a small college-radio hit single. I’m a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association and I’m an alum of the Writing the Other workshop: Writing Novellas.

email: kjf @ kevinjfellows . com
Twitter: @kevinjfellows
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About the site:
The Midnight Flyer is where I post thoughts on writing, reading, some poems, and occasionally stories.

About the name:
In another life it was a song. A missive sent in the middle of night. Now it’s music of another kind. Imagination is born in the dark but plays in the light of others.

It has nothing to do with the Eagles or their song of the same name. Nor has it anything to do with Night Flyers.