About Author Kevin J. Fellows

Kevin J. Fellows is a writer of fantasy and the speculative currently residing in the desert southwest. He works with technology but not in IT and cannot fix your parent’s tablet. He sometimes delivers tech talks and participates in panels. He once wrote songs and played electric bass in a band that managed to land a small college radio single.

He enjoys traveling with his family, and accepts that he must travel for his work, but is a homebody at heart.

He is an alumni of the Novella writing workshop by Nisi Shawl and Tempest K. Bradford, and joins the Odyssey Writer’s Salon whenever possible.

The Midnight Flyer is where he shares thoughts on reading and writing, and occasionally whatever else comes to mind.

About the site:

The Midnight Reader is a periodic list of the best stories I’ve read online. I chose to highlight online stories specifically because these are often less widely read than print and major e-zine publications. These scattered online gems are often by excellent writers just getting their first works published and deserve whatever small boost I can give them. If you read something great, share it.

The Midnight List is my list of favorite books and story collections. The list does not contain reviews, but if a title is on the list I considered it an important read and a book many should read. Many of the titles are what I call foundational and changed me or my outlook.

About the name:

In another life it was a song. Now it is music of another kind. Imagination lives in the dark but plays in the light of others.

Midnight Flyer is the title of a song I wrote while in a band a long time ago. I still think it captures my delight in stories told in the dark of night.

It has nothing to do with the Eagles or their song of the same name. Nor has it anything to do with Night Flyers.

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