Currently Reading – Short Fiction & Poetry: 1/20/2020

Here are some of my favorite recent short reads. Afterglow, a poem by Karolina Fedyk at kaleidotrope. Silver Blade dedicated the entire December issue to poetry. Vestiges of You, a poem by Z. M. Quỳnh at Mithila Review. The Ghost Teas of Sakurajima a story by Deborah L. Davitt also at Mithila Review Fossilized, a short story by Jessica Yang at Anathema… Continue reading Currently Reading – Short Fiction & Poetry: 1/20/2020

Short Reads – September 2018

This month I found quite a few excellent short reads. Anathema, Shimmer, and Liminal Stories continue to publish great fantasy short stories that are inspiring. The Pull of the Herd by Suzan Palumbo By the Hand that Casts it by Stephanie Charette The House of Illusionists by Vanessa Fogg Versions of the Sun by A.J. Hammer The… Continue reading Short Reads – September 2018