Work in Progress: March 25, 2020

With the pandemic spreading and our lives changing in hopefully mostly temporary ways, I've also been rethinking my plans. Most of my income comes from my writing, with a small portion coming from my business at Epos. I also have a side hustle in the tech industry to spend on convention and conferences. The pandemic … Continue reading Work in Progress: March 25, 2020

Reading in March 2020

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I remember thinking in high school, how distant the years 2000 and 2020 seemed. It was during some of the worst years of the Cold War and one thing I thought as an eighteen-year-old know-it-all was, we'll never make it. I'm glad I was wrong. But the Cold War gave me real recurring nightmares and … Continue reading Reading in March 2020

How Narrow is Your Reading?

Note: updated to include some real data, thanks to The Fantasy Inn. I posted this snarky Tweet a while ago about a reader who equated epic fantasy with all of Fantasy literature. To them, if it wasn't epic with complex, and carefully explained magic, it wasn't Fantasy; it was something else. When pressed, they couldn't … Continue reading How Narrow is Your Reading?

A Song of Endings

It began with no one knowingA dirge between treesRoot caressing rootin sympathy and elegyWords sung eternal, unvoicedLeaves chant to breezeborne by eaglestone, and streamEndings begin;unwinding from the firstspiraling to the endand begin againKevin J. Fellows (c) 2020 If you enjoy my poetry, consider following me on Ko-Fi where I publish more poetry regularly and you … Continue reading A Song of Endings