Reading in March 2020

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I remember thinking in high school, how distant the years 2000 and 2020 seemed. It was during some of the worst years of the Cold War and one thing I thought as an eighteen-year-old know-it-all was, we'll never make it. I'm glad I was wrong. But the Cold War gave me real recurring nightmares and … Continue reading Reading in March 2020

Currently Reading – Short Fiction & Poetry: 1/20/2020

Here are some of my favorite recent short reads. Afterglow, a poem by Karolina Fedyk at kaleidotrope. Silver Blade dedicated the entire December issue to poetry. Vestiges of You, a poem by Z. M. Quỳnh at Mithila Review. The Ghost Teas of Sakurajima a story by Deborah L. Davitt also at Mithila Review Fossilized, a short story by Jessica Yang at Anathema … Continue reading Currently Reading – Short Fiction & Poetry: 1/20/2020

Damn Fine Books I read in 2018

Sure, I'll do a list. Everyone does. These were not all published in 2018, just read in the year. Seriously, some of these were the best things read in any or all years. Presented in no particular order: Tender by Sofia Samatar. This was probably on my list last year because I started in in … Continue reading Damn Fine Books I read in 2018

Recent Short Reading

My to-be-read list of short stories, novelettes, and novellas is growing. So many good things being published right now it's hard to keep up, but I did work my way through a few items lately and here are the most remarkable: The Only Harmless Great Thing" The Only Harmless Great Thing by Brooke Bolander is … Continue reading Recent Short Reading