Work in Progress: September 17, 2019

One story back; rejected. I’ll give it a quick review, then send it to the next market. I’ve plotted and listed all the scenes for the first book in the novella trilogy. As I feared, the poetry self-paced mini-MFA is off to a slow start. Paying work always takes precedence.

I’ve gone through my editorial report for my book of related stories and the big news is that it’s a novel. The feedback was good, in fact, so good we both think this will work as a nice little novel. That changes my publishing schedule but should make it a stronger book.

I’ve also started to freelance copyedit specializing in fantasy and speculative fiction. I’m doing a giveaway for three free copyedits up to ten pages each. This is perfect for a short story. The details are here: Epos Books.

Work In Progress: August 28, 2019

I spent most of last weekend outlining the novella trilogy. This may be the most intricate plot I’ve written. Lots of cause and effect.

I have spent this week revising short stories for submission. Three have to get out to markets this week because submission windows close at the end of the month. The same is true for five poems. Busy week.

I’ve decided to write in an additional genre. Some of my trunked ideas may work better in another genre, and I have the time to produce words in multiple genres. I need to read more to see if my ideas are workable and to understand the genre’s tropes and expectations. Multiple income streams are a must if I’m to continue as a working writer.

Work in Progress: August 16, 2019

My six story anthology is off to the editor. Depending on how much work needs to be done, I’ll share more about it soon. If it’s a mess and there’s too much work, I won’t saying anything about it. I should do a post on when to seek an editor and of which type.

I reworked a story that received a personal rejection and critique. After a final read-through that should be off to a different market next week. Submissions need to keep circulating until they find a home.

I sketched a new short story in which a war has lasted a decade but is in its final stages and a new empire is emerging. It’s about the warriors who fight to resist and remember those they have lost. It has a bit of interesting magic too.

This is the first new story that wasn’t part of last year’s NaNoWriMo 50k worth of stories. I’m debating whether to do that again this year. It was a great way to build up material. But if I do it, I can’t neglect other projects for a month. That means writing twice the daily word count.

Work in Progress: August 13, 2019

The first round of revisions on the anthology is complete. I need to let it rest, do an edit pass, and get it off to the editor this week. Deadlines are good.

I have a story sitting at a magazine that appears to be defunct though there is no official word. Emails are unanswered and the website is dead. Time to pull that story back and send it off to another place.

My personal mini-Poetry MFA starts soon and I hope I can make time for it. Self-directed projects often get left behind, especially if there’s paying work available. I also need to dedicate more time to growing the business. It has to be self-sustaining in another six months, and account for most of my income in less than twelve. No pressure.

I received a personal rejection from Beneath Ceaseless Skies with positive comments and suggestions on making the story better. These are the best rejections and they almost feel as good as an acceptance. Almost.

Work In Progress: July 29

Revisions to the anthology are progressing nicely. First story will be off to my first reader shortly. It’s time to find an editor and get it onto their schedule. I always hesitate at this point because it means committing to a deadline and I still have revisions to finish, and evaluating and editing in responses from beta readers. I have to receive those responses first. It all gets tricky.

Paltry Sums is finally out on submission. Another story is off to a first reader. Work continues on my fairytale-ish dragon story. Still searching for the voice of that story.

The major plot points of book one of my novella trilogy have been identified and laid out. There is still more character work but at least I know the major things that happen to them. This weekend I completed laying out the order of events but there is still more plotting to do.

I found a few of articles and essays discussing how to educate yourself on writing poetry. I’m putting together a self-paced Poetry MFA curriculum for myself and I’ll be starting the coursework about the same time my kids go back to college. Good luck to me.