Work in Progress: November 20, 2019

My novel, At the End of the World, is off to a final round of readings and editorial review. Hopefully, there are few revisions needed after that. Then it will go into the production phase at the publisher. This book has been an unexpected experience all the way through. I thought it would be a… Continue reading Work in Progress: November 20, 2019

Work in Progress: October 7, 2019

The novel finally has its form. Now I just have to put in all the details (scenes) that tie everything together and hopefully build toward an emotional ending. I’m happy with the way it feels. Executing on my vision so a reader will feel the same is the work. I managed to get some poems… Continue reading Work in Progress: October 7, 2019

Work in Progress: September 28, 2019

The novel is progressing. Once I've forged it into a shape I'm happy with, I'll make an official announcement of when it will be available. I’ve never worked with an episodic structure and it has provided some challenges. Keeping things moving in a single direction, slowly building momentum, is like a three-act five-part structure, but… Continue reading Work in Progress: September 28, 2019