Work in Progress 4/15/19

Jotted down a couple of rough poem ideas, and updated the Paltry Sums story⎼again⎼to read over⎼again⎼before sending it out. Then spent a little time reworking a different novella, the one I workshopped last year. I don't normally jump between two larger projects but I had an idea about how to fix one of the issues… Continue reading Work in Progress 4/15/19

Work in Progress 4/13/19

This was a rough week, physically. Spent most of it in constant pain, something I'm learning to get used to as I age. Unfortunately that meant I could not stand or sit (or even lie down) most of the week, which meant no writing and little sleep. Until today. I scribbled a couple of rough… Continue reading Work in Progress 4/13/19

Work in Progress 4/6/19

Too many ideas today. I couldn't write/type them down fast enough. I've been working on a longer poem for a few days but still haven't found its heart. I'm getting closer the more I work on it. If I drift from it by writing more, then it's time to reexamine. The plot and character arcs… Continue reading Work in Progress 4/6/19