Work in Progress #9

Mostly anthology work today. A theme emerged from the random selection of half finished stories. The title story, Palace of Dreams, is a long way from finished but it seems fitting. I think I have four solid poems to include. The Bottle of Salvation Containing the Nectar of Ruin is going into the final manuscript form and… Continue reading Work in Progress #9

Work in Progress #8

The novella series has a new working name: CotFR. As I develop the storyline of the three books, the focus has changed to a different entity. I also have better titles for the first and third books. Book Two's title isn’t clear yet, and it needs to fit with the other two. I also came up with… Continue reading Work in Progress #8

Work In Progress #7

Yesterday I received strong first reader feedback for a short story I also feel may be complete, so now three stories are in the final 'is it ready for submission' phase. Hopefully, there are no more edits on two. Today I worked on the TKC series of novellas and made real progress with story and character… Continue reading Work In Progress #7