Work in Progress: June 29, 2020

Fantasy Balloons

I sent my short poetry collection An Important Sky off to the publisher last week, and it's available now in ebook. The paperback will follow soon. The official release date is tomorrow (standard book release Tuesday). Now that this collection is finished, I'm working on two full-length collections. I expect a cover reveal for my… Continue reading Work in Progress: June 29, 2020

Work in Progress: Feb 7, 2020

The last couple of weeks have been intense. I've been writing short stories, novels (yes plural) and poems. I stopped chasing side hustles that took me away from writing to focus on a side hustle that is writing. I looked into website content writing, copywriting and things related to those. But it would take me… Continue reading Work in Progress: Feb 7, 2020

A Raw Excerpt: Every Day, I Splinter

She didn’t read cards, palms, or bones. She drank tea and admitted rare visitors into a room lit by shadows only. She revealed nothing of her form. She might not have been present on the other side of the table, yet the teacup raised and lowered—a whispered sip elicited between. “I fall apart,” I said.… Continue reading A Raw Excerpt: Every Day, I Splinter