A Raw Excerpt: Every Day, I Splinter

She didn’t read cards, palms, or bones. She drank tea and admitted rare visitors into a room lit by shadows only. She revealed nothing of her form. She might not have been present on the other side of the table, yet the teacup raised and lowered—a whispered sip elicited between. “I fall apart,” I said.… Continue reading A Raw Excerpt: Every Day, I Splinter

Work in Progress: January 17, 2020

I hesitate to write this update as it may seem too self-absorbed, but if nothing else, this blog is a place for such. Even with productive gains, a week can be more than challenging. This week I found a few workable short story ideas, made good progress on the plot summary of the next novel,… Continue reading Work in Progress: January 17, 2020

Work in Progress: December 31, 2019

Trends I recently looked at my list of short stories in progress and found a trend. It’s not a great discovery, nor is it a helpful trend. I’ve been writing the same story just in various guises. When I looked at the ones with the best feedback and the ones I liked the best, they… Continue reading Work in Progress: December 31, 2019

Work in Progress: December 10, 2019

While At the End of the World is off with others, I've started writing the next novel. It was my NaNo project this year, and It has turned into something very different from what I planned. In some ways it's more of a traditional fantasy than At the End of the World, but then, it's… Continue reading Work in Progress: December 10, 2019