Works in Progress

*Note: these are all working titles. They may appear under different names when published.

Paltry Sums – 
The job paid a fortune in coin but for what it demanded and what it took, it was a paltry sum.
The Bottle of Salvation Containing the Nectar of Ruin – The Warrior of the Red Sands who walks plain, has fought his last battle. The village is doomed lest the remaining warriors find new courage. Can the Dwindhar’s gift be the nectar to save them?
The Maiden in Lament – A maiden is bound to mourn the dying, but love comes unbidden and even the immortal bound must answer its call.
Last Day’s Ride – What’s next when your army is defeated and the kingdom overrun by the empire?
Sworn – When the Ruler is deemed to have deviated from the Rule, the closest bodyguard becomes the perfect assassin.
The Never Ending Dragon – A curse upon a dragon is a curse upon the Queen’s Champion.
City of Stone and Sea – He had to wait ten years and a day to return to his father’s kingdom. He’s learned much and is ready to stand with his father and rule the kingdom, but ten years is a long time.

The Litany of Swords: Book One
– The first book in a planned trilogy. A duelist of remarkable skill, the Sword Mistress of the Empire, has been partnered with an unlikely, and unhelpful ally on a mission appointed by the empress. If she succeeds, she will need to be judge and possibly executioner of her own mentor. If she fails she will be assassinated, likely by her useless yet suspicious companion.

Privilege and Longing – A novella in the world of the Litany of Swords. A daughter of the Prefecture tries to escape the trappings of family expectations and duty to achieve her ambitions. To succeed, she needs one of the five great swords; the sword that rightfully belongs to her family. Possessing it would allow her privilege within her family. But what she finds is a power as great as any fabled sword; a power that could destroy her.