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  • At the End of the World
  • Star*Line Cover Summer 2020

About Kevin

Kevin J. Fellows is a lifelong lover of fantasy, subtle magic, and strange stories. He is the author of the novel At the End of the World. His poetry has appeared in Star*Line and his collection, An Important Sky. He lives in the desert where he dances with swords, runs, plays guitar, and bikes far less often than he should. More…

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At the End of the World: a speculative fantasy novel where magic can infect, fate is currency, and a mammoth mourns.

The Enduring Mage and Other Tales: including a story of a man with memory written in his bones, a cursed dragon and the champion cursed to hunt it, and a prelude to At the End of the World.

An Important Sky: is a collection of poetry ranging from the pastoral to the speculative; revolving around memory and connection.