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I write fantasy and speculative stories filled with strange and subtle magic. Stories about people in uncanny predicaments. I am the author of the novel At the End of the World, the first in the Unbound Worlds duology. My short story “The Last Report” is available at Translunar Travelers Lounge. My poetry has appeared in Star*Line and the collection, An Important Sky. I live in the desert where I dance with swords, runs, plays guitar, and bikes far less often than I should. More…


Translunar Travelers Lounge published my dystopian virtual office short story. You can read it for free here.

If you run a book club, I’m available for an after-read Q&A. Click here for details.

I’m a co-host of the Time is Right: Living A Creative Life podcast.


At the End of the World:
“Promises magic on every page.” – Reedsy Discovery
A speculative fantasy novel of a wayward city where fate is currency, and a mammoth mourns.

The Enduring Mage and Other Tales:
Stories including: a man with memory written in his bones, a cursed dragon and the champion cursed to hunt it, plus a prelude to the novel, At the End of the World.

An Important Sky:
A collection of poetry ranging from the pastoral to the speculative revolving around memory and connection.

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