Work in Progress: October 7, 2019

The novel finally has its form. Now I just have to put in all the details (scenes) that tie everything together and hopefully build toward an emotional ending. I’m happy with the way it feels. Executing on my vision so a reader will feel the same is the work.

I managed to get some poems edited and I’ll be publishing some on Ko-fi shortly. I will publish my new poems to Ko-fi and a new poetry newsletter first. After that I’ll put them here on the blog, Ello, and on Instagram. The poetry newsletter should be ready this week. Subscribers will get the aforementioned new poems and other perks I’ll detail in the announcement.

Speaking of newsletters, if you would like to be one of my advance readers for my fiction I have some open slots. Sign-up for that newsletter here.

A final note. I have re-engaged on Facebook though less frequently than here or on Twitter, but my Author Page is live.

Work in Progress: September 28, 2019

The novel is progressing. Once I’ve forged it into a shape I’m happy with, I’ll make an official announcement of when it will be available. I’ve never worked with an episodic structure and it has provided some challenges.

Keeping things moving in a single direction, slowly building momentum, is like a three-act five-part structure, but the form is very flexible, which is almost too freeing. I’ll post about my experiences with episodic structure once I feel I have it working.

Short story revisions continue. I’ve had good feedback from editors and the stories will be stronger for it. I should have at least two ready for submission next week.

Unfortunately, with the novel and story work there has been no time for working on poetry. The creative energy doesn’t live there right now.

Work in Progress: September 17, 2019

One story back; rejected. I’ll give it a quick review, then send it to the next market. I’ve plotted and listed all the scenes for the first book in the novella trilogy. As I feared, the poetry self-paced mini-MFA is off to a slow start. Paying work always takes precedence.

I’ve gone through my editorial report for my book of related stories and the big news is that it’s a novel. The feedback was good, in fact, so good we both think this will work as a nice little novel. That changes my publishing schedule but should make it a stronger book.

I’ve also started to freelance copyedit specializing in fantasy and speculative fiction. I’m doing a giveaway for three free copyedits up to ten pages each. This is perfect for a short story. The details are here: Epos Books.

Work In Progress: August 28, 2019

I spent most of last weekend outlining the novella trilogy. This may be the most intricate plot I’ve written. Lots of cause and effect.

I have spent this week revising short stories for submission. Three have to get out to markets this week because submission windows close at the end of the month. The same is true for five poems. Busy week.

I’ve decided to write in an additional genre. Some of my trunked ideas may work better in another genre, and I have the time to produce words in multiple genres. I need to read more to see if my ideas are workable and to understand the genre’s tropes and expectations. Multiple income streams are a must if I’m to continue as a working writer.