A Song of Endings

It began with no one knowingA dirge between treesRoot caressing rootin sympathy and elegyWords sung eternal, unvoicedLeaves chant to breezeborne by eaglestone, and streamEndings begin;unwinding from the firstspiraling to the endand begin againKevin J. Fellows (c) 2020 If you enjoy my poetry, consider following me on Ko-Fi where I publish more poetry regularly and you … Continue reading A Song of Endings

Desires for Youth, Glory, and Gold

A king desires gold;A queen staves her age;The princess craves power,But I grant none of these. My skill to readStarry maps of nightCreates nothing;Foretells only possibility;And grants no certainty. Points of light plot no destiny;glittering hope ordains no fate;Foretelling maps only through The black holes of the futuresWhere one falls. If you liked this, consider supporting … Continue reading Desires for Youth, Glory, and Gold

The Liminal Sea

This windy port draws the lonelythrough tufting tides between bowsand skiffs. Sailors and navigators plyunseen highways from this roughcity to another. To ride the whale road takes heartand luck and an empty home; none waiting. The space between ports liminalfull of risk, fear; chances to perish,and of hope. (c) Copyright 2019 by Kevin J. Fellows Consider … Continue reading The Liminal Sea