A Song of Endings

It began with no one knowingA dirge between treesRoot caressing rootin sympathy and elegyWords sung eternal, unvoicedLeaves chant to breezeborne by eaglestone, and streamEndings begin;unwinding from the firstspiraling to the endand begin againKevin J. Fellows (c) 2020 If you enjoy my poetry, consider following me on Ko-Fi where I publish more poetry regularly and you … Continue reading A Song of Endings

Desires for Youth, Glory, and Gold

A king desires gold;A queen staves her age;The princess craves power,But I grant none of these. My skill to readStarry maps of nightCreates nothing;Foretells only possibility;And grants no certainty. Points of light plot no destiny;glittering hope ordains no fate;Foretelling maps only through The black holes of the futuresWhere one falls. If you liked this, consider supporting … Continue reading Desires for Youth, Glory, and Gold